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Borewell service in Banjara Hills

Borewell service in Banjara Hills  borewell services to real estate companies, software companies, hotels, resorts, the Telangana government, industries, domestic customers, industrial customers, agricultural customers, and a few other organizations. Call us now at +91 9542740477 to get a free estimate.

Searching For Borewells In Hyderabad?

Indeed, you have come to the right place. SSV Drillers, a pioneer in borewells and one of Hyderabad's premier water borehole drilling companies, stands ready to serve you. With a wealth of experience and a reputation for trustworthiness, SSV Drillers has earned the respect of a diverse clientele, including real estate developers, software companies, hotels, resorts, the Telangana government, and various industries across Hyderabad and Telangana. Additionally, we offer comprehensive submersible pump services with expert assistance. For more information, please call us at +91 9542740477.

Why SSV Drillers?

With a wealth of engineering experience and expertise, coupled with the use of top-notch borehole equipment, SSV stands out as the premier borewell drilling company in Hyderabad. Our extensive track record of over 3500 successful borewell drilling projects in Hyderabad speaks volumes about our commitment to providing exceptional service. We go beyond mere drilling services, offering comprehensive water pump installation solutions, including electrical works. We also address common shortcomings in borewell design, construction, and management, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Our team of experienced borewell drilling operators, equipped with super-fast hydraulic rigs, specializes in drilling 6½” and 7” diameter borewells, as well as 4½” and 5” diameter borewells.

Services We Provide To our Customers

  • Super quick hard-hitting hydraulic rigs.
  • Borewell Drilling and Flushing with the feasibility survey both domestic and industrial also farmhouses, infrastructure projects as well as IT park.
  • we also provide a complete installation of a water pump including the electrical works.
  • Quality of borewell drilling service 24/7 drilling and Support

Best Borewell Drilling Services in Hyderabad


  • 4 ½” & 6 ½”inches diaborewell Drilling
  • Center boring and Telescopic Drilling
  • Borewell Drilling, Flushing and Rebore
  • New Borewells size accepted – 4", 6",8", 10",12", 26" up to 36
  • Possibility Survey for Borewell Drilling
  • Geologists/groundwater surveyor for recognizing water spots
  • Consultancy for different pumps and water stockpiling