We are Pioneers in borewells, established in 2001. We are experts in drilling 6½ “7″Dia AND 4½ “5″Dia borewells with super fast hydraulic rigs and experienced borewell drilling operators.


Borewell Drilling and Flusing with the feasibility suryvey both domestic and industrial also farm houses, infrastructure projects as well as IT park.


Our regarded customer list incorporates Real Estate Companies, Software Companies, Hotels, Resorts, Telengana Government, Industries and a few other rumored organizations in Hyderabad and All over Telengana

Heavy machine rigging with pressure water

Well Drilling Contractor in Hyderabad

Few times we have to penetrate upto 2000 feet profundity to get the water in Hyderabad and surroundings . A large portion of the territories in twin urban communities need higher profundity Borewells to get great nature of drinking water with our borewell drillers.

Best Drillers with Best Quality Output

This comapany is run by well experienced people since 2004. SV Borewells is in drilling business for last 14 years. Amarapalli Drillers has completed thousands of borewells for domestic, industrial and agriculture requirements in and around Hyderabad and Telengana to get top quality water resources for our clients.


Water Pumps

Not only Drilling Services we also provide complete installation of water pump including the electrical works, helping you with the Common shortcomings in design, construction and management of Borewells.

Proper care and maintenance of water source are key to protecting the water supply. An effective monitoring practice will identify changes in water levels and water quality before they become serious problems. Regular, systematic inspections and treatment of problems will help increase the life of borewell. The important step in preventative maintenance of borewell is taking regular Water level and
Water quality measurements